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Drawing is a wonderful medium/skill for capturing a scene quickly or in detail. A sketch book and pencil is easy to carry around for making visual notes. It’s also the basis of a good painting. The trick to drawing well is learning to translate the 3 dimensions into a 2D world—a flat piece of paper. Through a series of exercises using easily accessible materials, you will learn to draw what you see—and what you don’t see.


You will explore:

  • ·        Perspective, proportion, and composition
  • ·        Human figure and faces
  • ·        Sketching and keeping a sketch book
  • ·        Understanding positive and negative space
  • ·        Various drawing techniques





Color is our world, and the direct result of light and shadow. Capturing that color and using it in a painting or design requires knowing how color works. A few facts and close observation is all you need. Through simple color exercises you will learn to mix your own colors—and not rely on another artist’s “recipe.”


You will learn to:


  • ·        Make a color wheel
  • ·        Choose the watercolor palette
  • ·        Mix colors
  • ·        See color relationships and properties
  • ·        See color values and make a gray scale
  • ·        Avoid mud in your paintings


Finish up with a watercolor painting using what you’ve learned!



Tuesday, October 16 ---                      November 2

                  3:00- 5:00PM 

        2 hour sessions per week




Life Drawing



For beginners or those who wish to improve their skills at figure drawing. Simple, fun drawing exercises and basic artist's anatomy will lead to drawing from the model. Gesture drawing, contour drawing, longer studies, proportion, foreshortening, and detail work on hands, feet, and face will be covered. A standard model fee of $5 per two-hour session is required.


Sunday, November 4 – December 9

          10:00AM --- 12:00PM

       2 hour sessions per week




              For all workshops


minimum 4 students; maximum 12 students

$120 per student; $100 for CC members


The Cultural Center of Cape Cod

307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth


To sign up please call: 508-394-7100




Please visit the Art Gallery to see my portfolio.



No students under 15 please.





For drawing and for Life drawing:


  • 18x24 inch newsprint pad
  • Soft charcoal—vine or willow charcoal is fine. Compressed is OK if it's soft.
  • Paper towels
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Graphite pencils: HB or #2, and softer: 4B      
  • If you have a drawing board and/or easel, feel free to bring them. 
  • Spiral-bound sketch book—9x12


For color theory:


  • Set of water colors—tubes preferable, pans are OK if good quality. (Gouache--but not tempera--is OK.) You will need black and white.
  •  Palette with sizeable wells for filling with color and space for mixing
  •  W/C brushes (synthetic or natural—but not camel hair) sizes: #10 round and a flat brush about ½ or 5/8 inch wide
  • A container for water—a mayo-sized jar is fine
  • Paper towels         
  • Watercolor paper: cold press is best, then hot press. Not rough.
  •  #2 pencil and kneaded eraser




Two watercolor brushes: a “round” and a “flat.”


These materials needn’t be expensive. The w/c paper and newsprint can be purchased at Ocean State Job Lot, and also the paint, a set of w/c called “Marie” will do. (I saw them in Dennisport.) Art materials can also be purchased at A.C. Moore’s in Hyannis next door to Home Depot on Rt. 132, which has, of course, a great variety of items. If you purchase a set of watercolor brushes, please be sure it has both flats and rounds in the sizes mentioned above. I’ve seen the sketch books at Stop and Shop.





The Cultural Center of Cape Cod * 307 Old Main Street * South Yarmouth



From Rt.6 (Mid Cape Highway):


Take exit 8, and turn onto Station Ave., heading south to the end of the road. At the end, there's a right turn onto North Main Street, about three car lengths to the traffic light at the intersection with Rt. 28. (Bass River Mercantile is on your left, and a Hess Station is across 28 on the left.) Go through the intersection onto Old Main Street. The Cultural Center is the brick building ahead on the left. Parking is in front of the building, across from the library, or to the left of the Center.